Empowering a Space for Industry Leaders to Talk More about Diversity & Inclusion

This past week at a diversity in hiring event I, Jes Osrow, was pleasantly surprised by the thought leadership and presentation of ideas.  I was equally frustrated by the lack of depth--knowing there was wayyyyy more to be said and I wanted to hear it!

So as my business partner kept my hand down from asking questions of the panel at the wrong time, I whispered:

"We [at The Rise Journey] have to do a blog series!  These people have SO MUCH more to say and we should find a way to make that happen!"

And here we are.  The Rise Journey will be featuring a blog-cast of sorts featuring key leaders in the tech and other industries who have opened themselves up to a community to talk about their commitment to  Diversity & Inclusion.  With that, we will be asking for depth in answer, action plans, the good and how-to's of how D&I initiatives work.  We are looking for candid answers and thoughtful insights on how others can do better.

Small Business Expo Culture Survey

Hey friends of The Rise Journey,

Last Thursday we attended NYC's Small Business Expo at the Javits Center.  Our goal was to meet the Small Business Owner community and create real conversations about culture, team building, and how to affect change within an organization.  As part of this we asked our booth visitors to fill out a quick survey around culture, Diversity & Inclusion, and what other workplace initiatives are in place.
Of the 124 companies we surveyed at the Small Business Expo:

  • 21% are focused on diverse hiring (not just gender and ethnic backgrounds, but other factors)
  • 31% offer flexible and/or remote work options
  • 15% offer professional development or educational budget

While these numbers may seem low, it is promising that small business owners still have these kind of initiatives in mind to attract and retain the best talent.

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