Partnerships & Sales

Brand new position. Endless potential to grow your skill-set and network with your industriousness and and creativity! Build the Director-level position for our recently launched company The Rise Journey (

This will be an autonomous role.  As the first formalized iteration of partnership and sales, our team will be working in tandem to grow the company through this role.  Pending outcomes, there is potential to hire additional team member(s) in the sales and partnership realm. Ideally this will turn into a salary and commission role, but for the moment it is commission only.  We’re open to candidates who are looking for both short-term gigs and a long-term home.

Any questions? Reach out to Jes & Jessica at with resume and any other relevant application materials!


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Looking for a resourceful, confident, and sharp candidate to take our business to the next level.

  • Responsible for building relationships - both organically and through cold-calling for both Rise and our clients.

  • Twice-Weekly (at minimum) touch-base meetings with the team

  • Maintain network database.

  • Handle client contracts and onboarding.

  • Maintain client relationships.


  • Basic familiarity with the startup sector

  • 2-3 years experience in sales (or equivalent)

  • General understanding of Rise concepts (importance of workplace culture, D&I)

  • Comfortable with unstructured environment, comfortable working remotely/solo (mostly autonomous role), and are super resourceful

  • A ‘self-starter’ (which we hate this phrase, but we need someone who will just take action based on gut feeling rather than waiting to be told.  If you’re a wait to be told type, this role is not right for you at this time)

  • BONUS: Previous experience running, working for, handling sales for a startup or other fast-growing and/or small organization


  • Life experience is JUST as important as education.  We want humans who care, are involved, and are ready to make a difference in the business world through the Rise Journey mission


  • Contractor. Commission-based. Our goal--and we will be helping you as much as possible to get to their point--would be ideally a low 6-figure commission salary.

  • In addition celebratory nights out for wins of any level