Create the hiring & HR ecosystem needed for your startup's best hires. Time for #RealTalk

Congrats! You're ready to grow. Now what?

The hiring process can be challenging and complicated. 

Let us guide you. We will provide you with simple, straight-forward steps you can take immediately to ensure you're hiring the right team - resulting in company growth, taking you to the next level of growth.

At our interactive workshop, you will learn how to build your hiring ecosystem. We’ll guide you through the process with real-life examples, 1:1 discussions, and a conversation with an IRL startup HR and D&I professional, Alex Rose of DataDog. We will provide the tools you need to hire your best team from day one

What you'll get

  • An interactive workbook with exercises, resources & tools for the session that you can use as your roadmap to hit the ground running. 
  • Guidance to building your HR process that you can instantly implement to hire a top-notch team from day one
  • A workbook for review and to use during class. This will serve as the template you can use post-session to hit the ground running!