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TICKET: Nourish & Flourish Fall



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Sara Weinreb is a strategist, facilitator, and writer, as well as a total design thinking nerd. She serves as contributing writer to Forbes, mindbodygreen, and various other publications on the topics of business for social impact as well as mindful and sustainable living. She is the Founder of The M List, a newsletter that gives a daily actionable tip to help individuals in living a more holistic and sustainable lifestyle. She formerly founded IMBY, an ethical fashion retail brand. Sara has facilitated entrepreneurship and design thinking workshops around the country and world, and previously served as Vice President of Programs and Strategy at PresenTense, a social entrepreneurship accelerator.  Sara is passionate about sustainable living, health and wellness, and yoga, loves karaoke, and believes all dessert must include chocolate.

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Kelly Keefe is a natural healer, coach, ceremony curator, and teacher working with medicines of the heart. Through her work with ceremonial cacao, reiki, coaching, and mindfulness teachings she helps people break the barriers around their hearts, rewrite their life story, and step into the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

The electromagnetic field radiating from our hearts is 5,000x more powerful than our minds. Working with the heart, Kelly will help you discover and deepen your personal truth stepping into it while deepening your connection with something bigger than ourselves.

Working directly with Kelly is available for 1-on-1, private groups, and corporate settings.