Coachability is a necessary attribute for great leaders, mentors, and individual contributors alike. Use of these skills will improve relationships with peers and supervisors, attitudes around adaptability and change, as well as open up the thought process to more integrated and diverse thinking.

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This workshop implements conversation, written exercises, partner work, observation/constructive critique, and individual/group practice to develop skills and techniques of coachability. This includes using coachable language and integrating these skills into work and life. The workshop focuses on the core areas of:

Growth: Experiencing personal and professional growth
Relationships: Making work relationships more successful
Change: Acclimating to change, increasing adaptability and flexibility
Career: Opening up (unexpected) career enthusiasm and paths.

“The bulk of jobs won’t disappear, they’ll merely change...McKinsey [Global Institute] predicts up to a third of Americans may need to switch occupations entirely by 2030."
‘The 50 big ideas for 2018’ // Chip Cutter & Laura Lorenzetti Soper