Jennie Souiade
Founder & CEO at Magentic, A Transformation Agency

Jennie Souiade is a creative conceptualizer, and connecting ideas with people is her forté. She believes in creating experiences that touch real people, somehow making their lives better—that’s what lights her fire and fuels her passion. 

Leading transformations for companies and individuals, it is her mission to create ease in the workplace and within. Driven to help others find their inner space and purest source of creativity through the formation of Magentic, Jennie's background experiences creating international advertising campaigns at global advertising agencies (McCann, Paris and Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore) for brands at several Fortune 500 companies certainly helps her set the stage.

Magentic serves corporate and private clients who are ready to evolve within themselves, for and beyond themselves. We love helping people find their authenticity within themselves and their brands and company cultures, to flow with creative genius for the force of good.