Build your best team and a powerful organizational culture.

With a commitment to community and social good, we provide purpose-driven, results-oriented support for your growing organization.

Founders, leaders and managers have limited time to devote to building teams within the complex and often demanding socially conscious environment, especially during periods of growth. Let us guide you on your journey and maximize the value of your time, talents and team.

We offer one-on-one consulting, classes, and seminars to help you develop your best team from day one. Because you start building your culture on the first day, with or without a plan. 

Organizations constantly evolve, and so does your culture. It's a journey, not a destination — and we're with you for the duration.


See how we can work together to promote internal growth, learning, and development.



Areas of Support


Here is our full list of services but check out the case studies that show our process, goals, and outcomes when working with clients to help build sustainable organization culture.


It will no longer be a choice for companies to embed social impact into their business and brand strategies - it will be required to thrive and compete for talent, customers and investors.
— Patsy Doerr, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion at Thomson Reuters


Why does this all matter?

…and why work with The Rise Journey?

Today’s job seekers and employees are looking for a healthy workplace: supportive colleagues, purpose-driven work, a discrimination-free promotion process, managers that value feedback, leaders that value diversity and make inclusion a priority. A competitive salary, impressive job title and office ping pong table are no longer enough to recruit and retain today’s best talent.

  • Free snacks and cool perks aren’t enough to recruit — and more importantly — retain the best talent for your team.

  • Diversity training isn’t enough to ensure all employees feel included and to create a sense of belonging.

  • Creating a new motto with company values isn’t enough to codify them into the lived day-to-day experience.


Engaged employees make it a point to show up to work and do more work — highly engaged business units realize 41% lower absenteeism and 17% higher productivity.
— 'The Right Culture: Not Just About Employee Satisfaction' Gallup 2017


Our Values

Values are at the core of how a company operations. Here are ours.



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