Appreciating the work:

Chapter Title

Our goal is to have each subject be addressed with it's own chapter to ensure as much detail and strategy as possible.


Short, but hitting the key points in the chapter, its importance, if there are any worksheets, templates, etc that are featured in the chapter, etc. If there are any topics that need a quick intro of their own, it might be intro'd here.

your Values

How Rise interprets bringing your company's value and culture to the content of this chapter. (How does the company culture affect remote teams? Interviewing?)

Empower your People

How Rise interprets your company and team can better empower the people in your organization through this chapter. (How do you ensure your team has the resources they need, and feel empowered through these processes?)

Moving Forward

How Rise interprets your company's ability to be more sustainable (in practice, mentality, ecologically, etc) and continue a positive trend moving forward based on the content in this chapter. 

ActionS & Worksheets

A short, bullet-list about the must-knows of the chapter, action steps, and explaining each worksheet.


Each topic addressed will be under this category.  Under the chapter heading 'Interviewing Playbook' we have topics like Authentic Interview Process; 'Soft' Skills; ‘New’ Interview Techniques; Online Skills Assessments; etc.

Tangible next steps

Not just steps we can help create, but possible next steps and other ways the company can also be thinking.


Possible ways things could deviate from the planned trajectory - not thinking negatively, but preparing for foreseeable potential issues and conflicts.


How we'll analyze at the end, types of questions we'll ask, etc. so that we can show success, failure, or whatever is in the middle, and have a transparent conversation about goals and if they were met. Metrics, etc.


 To end the chapter, reiterating its importance and why it is included as its own chapter rather than part of another.

Next chapter & next steps

What is coming next and how it relates. (not the final name…will serve as a subsection of 'Conclusion.')

Chapter Checklist

(Another subsection of 'Conclusion') In order to ensure we've covered all the items in this chapter, maybe even some extra items.

Appreciating the Work

How to appreciate the work (or potential work) in this chapter, key items to recognize to appreciate progress. We want to make this process fulfilling, (and avoid overwhelming anyone), so it’s important to take a moment to reflect.