Empowering a Space for Industry Leaders to Talk More about Diversity & Inclusion

This past week at a diversity in hiring event I, Jes Osrow, was pleasantly surprised by the thought leadership and presentation of ideas.  I was equally frustrated by the lack of depth--knowing there was wayyyyy more to be said and I wanted to hear it!

So as my business partner kept my hand down from asking questions of the panel at the wrong time, I whispered:

"We [at The Rise Journey] have to do a blog series!  These people have SO MUCH more to say and we should find a way to make that happen!"

And here we are.  The Rise Journey will be featuring a blog-cast of sorts featuring key leaders in the tech and other industries who have opened themselves up to a community to talk about their commitment to  Diversity & Inclusion.  With that, we will be asking for depth in answer, action plans, the good and how-to's of how D&I initiatives work.  We are looking for candid answers and thoughtful insights on how others can do better.